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Beginner Starter Kit for BBC Micro:bit

Product Description:Thingerbits Beginner Starter Kit is designed for t..

Rs 8,450.00

BBC micro:bit Starter Kit

Description Get c..

Rs 4,250.00

BBC micro:bit Go The Complete Starter Kit

Description Get c..

Rs 4,550.00

Micro:bit - an Educational Tool for Kids

INTRODUCTIONmicro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners learning how..

Rs 3,800.00

Micro:bit Board with Battery Holder kit

This kit contains a micro:bit board, a USB cable and a battery holder. This is a basic kit for using..

Rs 3,900.00

Micro:bit Breadboard Adapter

Micro:bit Breadboard Adapter is a breadboard pinboard based on Micro:bit. It can be directly plugged..

Rs 1,045.00

Micro:bit Power Supply Module 3.3V 2A

Micro:bit Power Supply Module 3.3V 2A is a kind of power module for micro:bit. The output voltage of..

Rs 885.00

Ring:bit Car — Micro:bit Educational Smart Robot Kit for Kids

FeaturesSmall size with cute outlookProgrammable for road designEnable to draw graphicsMain board an..

Rs 4,650.00

T-type Shield Adapter for BBC Micro:Bit

micro bit is an entry level development board designed by BBC for teens programming education. It su..

Rs 1,850.00

THINGERBITS Power:bit For Micro:bit(powerbit)

IntroductionTHINGERBITS Power:bit is a pocket-sized extension board. It is powered by two 2025 butto..

Rs 1,045.00

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