3V-24V Electronic Tone Piezo Buzzer

Description:Buzzer is an electronic sounder with integration structure. Using DC power, it is widely..

Rs 35.00

5pcs Active Buzzer

Condition: NEW, 100% Good QualityQuantity: 10 pcsInput Voltage: 3.5-5.5VCurrent: <25mAFrequency: ..

Rs 150.00

5v Passive Buzzer 5Pcs

Product Features: Condition: New. Resistance: 16ohn. Frequency: AC/2KHz. Operating voltage:5V Packag..

Rs 120.00

6X6X5mm Tactile Push Button 10pcs

Product Name: Tact SwitchContact Type: Momentary ContactDimension: 6 x 6 x 5 mm (L*W*..

Rs 65.00

Piezoelectric Piezo Ceramic Wafer Plate 5pcs

Product Introduction:1.Diameter:15mm2.Thickness:0.2mm ..

Rs 75.00

Ultrasonic Module Sensor Mount Bracket

Bracket Features:Thickness: 2.8-3.1mmInner diameter: 16mmFixing Hole Diameter: 3.8mmMaterial: import..

Rs 125.00

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