MQ135 Gas Sensor Module

Features:Size: 32X20X22mm/1.25*0.78*0.86”The main chip: MQ135 gas sensing probeOperating voltage: DC..

Rs 290.00

MQ2 Gas Sensor Module

Introduce:MQ-2 gas sensor sensitive material used in the cle..

Rs 290.00

MQ3 Gas Sensor Module

Type: Smart SocketsAlcohol DetectorCondition: NewSize: approx. 32 x 22 x 27mmMain chip: LM393, ZYMQ-..

Rs 330.00

MQ4 Gas Sensor module

Description: 100% Brand New. Dual-way Signal Output, Analog output and TTL level outputHigh sensitiv..

Rs 340.00

MQ5 Gas Sensor module

Description: Indication of the signal output.  Dual signal output (analog output, and..

Rs 340.00

MQ6 Gas Sensor Module

Description:The MQ-6 gas sensor uses a gas sensitive material with a lower conductivity of two tin o..

Rs 300.00

MQ7 Gas Sensor Module

The MQ-7 carbon monoxide sensor module allows for the sensing of CO concentrations in the air. This ..

Rs 250.00

MQ8 Gas Sensor module

DescriptionSize: 32 mm X22mm X27mm Main chip: the LM393, MQ-8 gas sensor Working voltage: DC5V 1. Wi..

Rs 300.00

MQ9 Gas Sensor Module

MQ-9 Sensor Description :Sensitive material MQ-9 gas sensor is used to clean the air in the lower co..

Rs 290.00

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