Bluetooth Module HC-06

Bluetooth Module HC-06

Bluetooth Module HC-06

  • Product Code : BLU0001
  • Availability : 2-3 Days
  • Rs 775.00

Much like it's more well-known brother, the HC-05, the HC-06 is a transparent TX/RX pipeline Bluetooth module which allows devices to communicate via a serial connection with all of the Bluetooth specific handling taken care of by the module's software stack.

The HC-06 module itself is mounted onto a breakout board which provides easy, breadboard friendly 0.1" headers for Power, Ground, TX, RX, and enable pins. The breakout board also provides logic level shifting which allows the HC-05 to be compatible with the 5V logic levels of Arduino and other popular microcontroller boards.

Getting started with the HC-06 is as easy as connecting it up to your microcontroller, configuring it using simple AT commands, and then pairing it with other Bluetooth devices.

Some HC-06's come with an onboard button which is connected to pin34 of the HC-06 module to enter into AT command mode, whereas others have a pin broken out to the header. We've covered using both versions of the board in our Bluetooth tutorials below.

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